Defection Of General Dau Aturjong To The SPLM/SPLA In Opposition Paves Ways For More Defections

By Daniel Kuer Bol,

Mr. Kuer Bol shaking hands with former SG Pagan Amum(photo credit: Kuer)

Mr. Kuer Bol shaking hands with former SG Pagan Amum(photo credit: Kuer)

June 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The defection of General Dau Aturjong to the SPLM/SPLA in opposition is a decider in this conflict and it will definitely tip the balance in favour of the opposition. It will pave the way for more defections to the opposition too. My attitude towards General Dau is that he is a man who’s mature politically and intellectually. I respect his decision because I believe he is not joining the opposition just for the sake of fighting but for the sake of getting rid of this rotten and deadly government in Juba as quickly as possible.

Like general Dau, I have no respect for this government that has brought so much death and destruction to the innocent people just to protect their privileges at the expense of innocent lives. People are now dying at an alarming rate and so is the rate of orphans, widows and widowers. The rate of amputations and disability is also increasing at an alarming rate and soon you will have a nation whose quarter of a population is disabled or amputated. The automatic consequence of that is poverty and diseases. Those disabled population will not be able to produce and look after themselves and their families. The ruling clique don’t mind all that because they and their children will not be affected, so it’s not a problem to them.

A reasonable person can never support this dull, uninspiring and a foolhardy leader; Salva Kiir Mayardit. Hence, a justification for general Dau defection to rid the nation of this wild animal.

No one wants war because the consequences of war are so severe but now we find ourselves in this situation of war which was brought on the people by Salva Kiir and all those violent mobs around him. Both the government and the rebels are intransigent and do not want to end it quicker because each side believes they can win it militarily. Here is my assessment, the government is now relying on foreign troops to win the war, but I doubt if foreign troops can really fight with patriotism in their hearts. This makes the chances for the government to defeat the rebels very remote. The rebels do not have the resources but have the will and wishes and this keep them strong. They have the will on the ground and the wishes from the outside world. You now have the situation of deadlock.

I do not want the situation of deadlock because it keeps the war going forever with all the consequences that I have already outlined. Sooner rather than later, S Sudanese will fall on the horns of a dilemma, where they have to make choices between the two evils. Only a mad person will choose this poisonous and notorious government. Supporting this government means supporting corruption, idleness and arbitrary killings.

Daniel Kuer Bol, Sydney Australia, is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at


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