I saved South Sudan More Than Lual Acuek Deng

By Gordon Buay,


Gordon Buay taking his pictures in a room somewhere in Canada(Photo: Buay's FB media)

Gordon Buay taking his pictures in a room somewhere in Canada(Photo: Buay’s FB media)


May 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — What I don’t like about you sometimes is because you are impractical. You asked me many times to give an alternative solution to resolve the conflict if I reject the position paper you and Lual Acuek presented. 

I said it many times in this forum that the solution to resolve the current crisis that I put on the table is AK-47. I thought I made myself abundantly clear to everyone since December, 16, 2013.

I don’t blame you for not knowing the role I played to defeat Riek Machar in Nuerland. I sent three people from the Diaspora to South Sudan to talk to Nuer chiefs to disown violence. I set up a committee of Nuer in the Diaspora that talk to leaders of the White Army every week to stop fighting the government.

The capture of Ulang, Nasir, Mathiang, Jekow and Mangok was possible because of the work we the Nuer in the government did. We sent politicians, MPs and people from Diaspora to Nuerland to convince our people not to fight the government. Our collective work we the Nuer in the government reversed the tide of the war.

I don’t think Lual Acuek Deng played the role I did in this crisis to save South Sudan. Imagined if we the Nuer who are now with President Kiir joined the rebellion, what would be the military situation and insecurity in our country?

While Lual Acuek is conspiring to remove Salva Kiir, I work 24/7 to convince the Nuer not to fight the government. What capacity do you and Lual Acuek have to persuade the Nuer rebels not to fight the government?

I have a capacity to persuade my Nuer people to stop violence. But Lual Acuek has no leverage because there are no Twi Dinka fighting the government. The only one from Twi who is a rebel is Mabior Garang but he is talking in hotel in Addis.

You need to know that I have a big role to play to stabilize South Sudan because the people Riek Machar is using are Nuer. I am ten times more important than Lual Acuek in saving South Sudan. You need to acknowledge that.

You need to know that the rebels who are fighting the government are Nuer and the SPLA soldiers fighting to defend the government are also NUER. Mathews Puljang, Johnson Gony, Nhial Batoang, etc who are fighting the rebels in Greater Upper Nile region are not from Greater Bor but Nuer.

From military point of view, I am more important to South Sudan than Lual Acuek Deng. It is me talking to SPLA Nuer 24/7 to defend the government. It is me also talking to leaders of Nuer White Army to stop fighting the government.

I have never heard Lual Acuek talking to Nuer White Army or chiefs not to fight the government. Drinking Johnny Walker in hotel in Juba and writing nonsense would not make Lual Acuek to be more important than me. I am the one dealing with the Nuer not to destroy South Sudan. There are no Twi Dinka in battlefields fighting the government.

I don’t see the contribution that Lual Acuek has done in this war more than me. Imagine if Gordon Buay, Mathews Puljang, Bapiny Monytuil, etc are on the side of the rebels, what would be the situation in South Sudan?

Only a naive person would think that Lual Acuek has contributed more than me in this war. But reasonable South Sudanese would acknowledge that the position I took saved South Sudan from sliding into Somalia.

Gen. G.B.


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