Breaking News: South Sudan Rebels Capture Egyptians and Ugandans in Ayod, Jonglei State.


EgyptianSoldiers Egyptian Army Soldiers at El Omayed, Egypt (BRIGHT STAR 01/02 – SRA D. Myles Cullen, USAF)

May 02, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Gawaar-Nuer white army have reported a major victory in the town of Ayod. The latest reports from Ayod allege that the Gawaar white army, backed by a reinforcement from Duk, have captured 12 Egyptians and 2 Ugandans after defeating the allied forces in Ayod town.

The 12 Egyptians and 2 Ugandans captured would be transferred to headquarters in Fangak county, where they will be kept as prisoners of war. The names of the 12 Egyptians, read from their badges are:

  1. Aches Ahmed Gou
  2. Cpt. Abaur Ahmose
  3. Amran Saleh
  4. Amun Thori
  5. Abduraman Petei
  6. Salatis Omar
  7. Osman Gosh
  8. Abdulahi Said
  9. Mohamed Raad
  10. Yusuf Abdu
  11. Cpt. Ali Semut
  12. Shemstedin Tihrak

Their Ugandans counterparts are:

  1. Akiki Lutalo
  2. Samuel Munyiga

The white army has reported counting over 400 dead bodies of government soldiers, comprising of Egyptians, Ugandans and South Sudanese in Ayod. The youth battled the troops in Kuechdeng for nearly a week before the outnumbered youth pulled out of Kuechdeng to Ayod for further reinforcements.

Both the government and SPLA spokespersons have not release their estimates of casualties, but the white army estimated between 500- 700 have been killed on both sides.

The youth, fighting with light guns and limited ammunition, have reported fighting approximately 2 battalions of soldiers allied to Juba Government for the last 10 consecutive days in Ayod and Kuachdeng.

The government troops captured the strategic town of Ayod on April 27, with intentions to advance to the neighboring Uror county. However, the government troops were overwhelmed by the white army reinforcing each other from the five payams of Ayod county.

Ayod has been a major targets since December, however, the youths have defeated the government and Ugandans troops in Kuachdeng on March 12, killing the Ugandan commanding brigadier general.

“To you the family and friends of the late Brig Geoffrey Kakama: our thoughts are with you – UPDF”  sends his condolences to the family of the late on March 12.

Ayod was reportedly surrounded by the armed youth, with aim to push the troops out of Ayod towards Canal and River Nile until yesterday when they forced the allied troops into the nearby sudd Swam . It is not yet verified if the government troops would make attempts to fight back for Ayod or try to penetrate through Uror to Bor. Most of their exit routs to Bor are blocked by rebels and Lou-Nuer white army.

Sources from Ayod state that the white army has lost nearly 90 fighters in the battlefields and rushed 28 wounded soldiers to Lankien hospital.

Last month the minister of information, Dr. Marial Benjamin reported that Egypt would send troops to help Juba defends the oilfields and important installations, however, Egypt prepared troops to South Sudan as peacekeepers.

It is not yet clear if the Egyptians peacekeepers are part of the Egyptians troops captured in Ayod, however, the rebels have fought Ugandans army and Sudan rebels in Jonglei, Upper Nile and Bentiu state. Egypt would be the latest African country to fight alongside Savla Kiir’s forces if the peace deal succeeds.

The government, which has burnt down Ayod and Kuachdeng, led this operation in violation of ceasefire agreement, signed in January, despite the present of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, the UN Special Envoy for Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng and US secretary of state John Kerry in the country.

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