Letter: Dear Mother

By Puk Goar,


Former child soldiers attending  primary school after the peace returned to the area, after the 2005 comprehensive peace agreement.(Photo: AFP/Past)

April 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This morning I will be leaving for Paloch a key oil-filed [oil field] in the very heart of Upper Nile. Machar told us that closing down the oil will force kiir to stop bringing more Uganda that fuel the war. And maybe we shall realize peace in our nation.

However, I know you are already gone and my two sisters in Juba. So I am not fighting for Machar but for the freedom of your daughter in Kakuma camp who have been there since independence. If you were not killed and my uncles in Juba today I could be doing my final exams in Ethiopia by the end of this year. Something I wish you could be proud of, but now you are gone.

This will be my third letter since i came from Gambella. And each battle I decide to be writing to you in spirit until we defeated the enemy who threatened to wipe us out of this great land which God of heaven gave to us

I heard you were burnt alive somewhere I have never seen in Juba, muniki blocked 10 along side many innocent civilians of Nuer who knows nothing about politics. But hours from now, we shall win the victory of Paloch. Mom, I dedicated this battle to your loving memories.

I will come to Juba through God almighty power and see the mass grave that your ashes was dumped in. We are strong here and victory is certain. The world closed its eyes to see our suffering and the guns I am using I got it from the battle field we fought last month in the town of malakal in which for the first time in my life I saw river of blood and thousands dying.

Therefore, I have a courage, I am committed, with hope that we shall defeat the evil and bring peace to the entire south Sudan and freedom.

Your loving son,
puk Goar


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