Gen Gadet Takes Gadiang, Near Bor!

Gadetyak_425110716_nMaj. Gen, Peter Gatdet Yaka(Nyamilepedia)

February 23, 2014 [CR] — In a new statement released by the Rebel Military Spokesperson, Brig Gen Lul Koang, SPLM/SPLA Gallant Forces under the Overall Command of Maj. Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth “made more territory gains by capturing Akoka County 80km north of Malakal town in oil rich Upper Nile”.

“In Jonglei State,” continues the statement, “our forces under Direct Command of Maj. Gen. Dor Maan-jur  and uder and Overall Command of Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak have just liberated Gadiang from Kiir’s troops and their Allies”.

“SPLA forces and their Allies are being chased towards Tilling Desert where nature is expected to deal with the remnants.”

Gen Koang adds: “Our forces were forced to march on Akoka to pre-empt government’s planned destruction of oil facilities whereas in Gadiang, our forces moved in to stop an unauthorised mass killing of wildlife in the National Wildlife Reserve.”

This follows contrary reports which indicated that SPLA had repulsed the rebels and killed 173 of their fighters in an attempt on Gadiang last night.

We haven’t been able to contact the SPLA spokesperson, Col Philip Aguer, for a comment.

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