MP Otto: UPDF Majorly Sent Northerners To S.Sudan

Aruu county MP Odonga Otto has questioned the criterion that was used to recruit Ugandan Soldiers in Southern Sudan saying that only Acholis and Langis are dying in Sudan.

The Leader of LRA, Joseph Konyi, a member of Acholi tribe, who has been fighting against government suppression in Northhen Uganda

January 9, 2014(Kampala) — The government sent the Uganda People’s Defence Forces to Sudan last month saying that the soldiers were to help in the evacuation of Ugandans from the embattled country.

Otto told journalists in a press conference at parliament that the forces were deployed in Sudan in a sectarian nature and that they targeted people from the North and West Nile and Kasese who have not even recovered from the LRA insurgency.

Otto says that the families who lost their loved ones in Sudan war are not being told that they died of accidents and are not allowed to view their order ventolin bodies. He wants the family members to be compensated for the loss of their loved ones.

He gave an example of Sgt. Santos Ocen buried in Omoro where army leadership says he died from an accident on Masaka road and Pte. Richard Oyaka of same village died on Mbarara road.

Otto says the army is lying and he has received information from the front line in S. Sudan that most UPDF officers there are relatively speaking the same language of Acholi, Lango, Iteso, West Nile and Kasese (Lukonjo).

Chimpreports contacted Brig. Charles Otema Awany whom Odonga Otto says also attended one of the burials.

“Yes, I attended the burial of Sgt. Santo who died in an accident on Nakasongola road. Everybody viewed the body, Odonga Otto is just mad and I repeat he is mad, just waiting to walk naked,” Otema said

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